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HE-VA: Farm Machinery for the Agriculture of Tomorrow


Effective soil and seedbed preparation demands reliable machines with high-capacities.

With one of the widest product programs within soil preparation & cultivation, HE-VA’s investment and commitment to research and development, makes certain their product range of cultivation equipment is constantly evolving, maintaining their leading edge competitiveness.

Ready for the future’s demands.

Focus on design and construction of new machines, means that the field work that HE-VA regularly invests in assists in the efficiency and improvement of their machinery, to maintain a leading edge competitiveness in both price and quality.

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The HE-VA Combi-Tiller has been developed to efficiently loosen the soil and is available in two model series – MKI and MKII. 

Both series have been developed to work solo or in combination with other trailing equipment.  Used in combination, stubble preparation or seeding for example can be achieved in one pass.  This makes optimal use of your tractor, and moreover the paddock is not exposed to another pass and takes full benefit of the soil loosening provided by the Combi-Tiller. 

The Combi-Tiller range has a working depth of up to 400 mm and working width options from 3 – 6m in rigid or hydraulic folding.

Download the Combi-Tiller brochure for more details.



The HE-VA Sub-Tiller is a heavy duty, deep action sub-soiler, constructed in a V-formation.

The design of the V-formation helps to limit the power requirement of the machine, while the tine spacing is infinitely variable depending on the actual working task (only the central tine is fixed). This means that the Sub-Tiller can easily be set to the desired spacing’s, for example, for tramline loosening with some tines removed.  This makes the Sub-Tiller a very flexible sub-soiler.

HE-VA Sub-Tiller has the capability to work soil down to depths of 600 mm, with a tine designed to avoid lifting stones and unwanted clods to the surface.  With three options of roller type, optimum consolidation can always be achieved.

HE-VA’s Sub-Tiller can be used in conjunction with HE-VA Multi-Seeders to achieve till seeding and also fertiliser placement.

HE-VA Sub-Tiller can be either three point mounted or trailed (folding), with sizes available from 2 – 7m.  Download the Sub-Tiller brochure for more information.


Tine Cultivators

HE-VA's versatile Triple-Tiller stubble harrow is the ideal cultivator for users who require a machine for traditional stubble cultivation as well as for in-depth tillage. 

All models are available as three-point mounted or trailed models and have a row spacing of only 250mm.  Three rows of harrow tines ensure perfect harrowing and soil loosening in all soil types and the eradicator discs provide an even surface – ready for consolidation by the roller.  

With three tine options and a choice of four rollers, effective tillage and consolidation can be achieved for every soil type creating optimal conditions for germination.

Available in 3m and 3.5m rigid models and 4m and 5m hydraulic folding models, view or download the brochure for more information.


Disc Rollers

HE-VA Disc-Rollers are a multi-functional stubble cultivator and are available in three models: Disc-Roller Classic, Disc-Roller Contour and Disc-Roller Contour XL.

Disc-Roller Classic is a high speed (up to 16km/h), simple to operate, versatile cultivator with hydraulic working depth adjustment. It can be used to mix crop residue, or to process already ploughed soil before sowing, down to a working depth of up to 12.5cm.

All three Disc-Rollers in the HE-VA range utilise the same DSD-System which is characterised by the discs automatically gaining a more aggressive angle as they penetrate deeper into the ground, thus increasing efficiency in the paddock.

Disc-Roller Classic is available with working widths from 2.25 – 4.75m, three point mounted or trailing (from 2.75 m) and folding in models above 3.75m.

Disc-Roller Classic can be equipped with 3 different types of rollers depending on soil conditions: V-profile roller, Wave roller and Square Tube roller.  In addition, spring boards can be added to all trailed models, while fine seed equipment can also be mounted for seeding without another pass with the tractor.

The Disc-Roller Contour range provides the capability to work near the surface to create a stable seedbed and to incorporate crop residues when working deeply in heavy soil types.

The Contour range utilises a hydraulic weight transfer system across the entire construction, creating even surface pressure.  This then results in uniform tillage, which can be seen in significant growth of both crop and yield.

Both the Contour and the Contour XL utilise the same HE-VA DSD-System as the Disc-Roller Classic.

With a choice of 6 different rollers to consolidate the soil after processing, the Disc-Roller range can be adjusted to match almost all soil types.

Both models have been developed to work solo or in combination with other trailing equipment.  Multi-Seeders, Spring-Boards and Top-Cutters can all be used in conjunction with the Disc-Roller Contour models.  This makes optimal use of your tractor, and moreover the paddock is not exposed to another pass.

The Disc-Roller Contour XL comes equipped with bigger, more effective discs.  The frame has also been raised and there is now more headroom between the discs allowing soil and material to flow freely.

HE-VA Disc Roller Contour range is available in both trailed and three-point linkage options with working widths from 2.5-9m

View or Download the brochures below for more information.


Tip Rollers

HE-VA Tip-Rollers are more than an ordinary roller. Don´t just roll – cultivate, level and consolidate.

With two models (Tip-Roller and Tip-Roller XL) to choose from and working width options from 4.5 – 15.3m, HE-VA Tip-Rollers can fulfil all requirements.

HE-VA Tip-Rollers are a 3 or 5 section (XL) roller with central pivoting wing sections, ensuring effective soil preparation in the most rugged on paddocks. The unique HE-VA SAT-system (Spring Active Weight Transfer) actively transfers the weight from the middle section to the centre of the wing sections.  This means the roller provides uniform soil consolidation across the entire working width of the machine.

HE-VA Tip-Rollers come with up to 5 different ring types, each with its own advantages.  This enables the operator to match the roller to a specific soil type, ensuring the best possible result.

Tip-Roller folds horizontally with the wings sitting into cradles ensuring the lowest center of gravity and safest transporting operations.  Even the largest machine folds to a transport width of only 3 metres.

Extra equipment used in conjunction with Tip-Roller includes: Spring boards, multi seeders, top cutters, and slicing plates.

The Heva Tip roller has become the roller of choice for New Zealand’s harsh conditions with hundreds of units operating throughout the country.


Swing Roller

HE-VA’s five section Swing-Roller roller is a big, easy folding roller, with working widths of 10.2 or 12.2m.

Designed for large farms or operators, the Swing Roller is easy to handle despite its size and requires more than 145 HP to tow.  With a simple sequence, Swing Roller folds down to a mere 2.7m width for towing. 

The roller is equipped with 5 sections that are all centre suspended, which ensures free movability and makes each section independent from the others. The roller is compact and low and is therefore safe and steady when working in the paddock.

Swing-Roller is equipped with HE-VA SAT-System, which transfers the weight from the centre of the roller to the side sections which ensures the roller can follow the contours of the paddock. The result is a completely uniform packing of the soil in the entire working width of the machine.


King Roller

For maximum capacity and impressive efficiency, the HE-VA King Roller meets the increasing demand for wider and heavier rolls.

King Roller is available in 5 different working widths from 12.3 m up to an impressive 20.3 m.  All sizes fold down to an impressive 3m and have an automatic locking system for safe transport. 

HE-VA SAT-System transfers the weight from the centre of the roller to the side sections which ensures the roller follows the contours of the field.  This feature, combined with the centre suspension of all sections, means King Roller provides a completely uniform packing of the soil across the entire working width of the machine.

Heavier than similar rollers, and with 4 ring types to choose from, King Roller creates a perfect packing of the soil every time.


Front Mounted

HE-VA supply a complete range of front mounted cultivation equipment to be used in tandem with other trailed or three-point linkage gear.  By combining machinery on the front and back of the tractor, efficiency is increased through less passes, less compaction in the paddock and less cost to the operator.

FRONT ROLLER: Designed to give an even, full width pressing, especially suited for light and medium soil types.  Available with one or two rows of rings, Front-Roller is drawn forward instead of pushed and will run freely on the surface, not affecting the tractor steering.

FRONT PACKER: With the HE-VA Front-Packer, you will be able to combine consolidation with a harrow and a seeder making it possible to till at the same time as seeding in only one pass.  Front-Packer also comes as a Twin-model with 2 staggered rows to achieve a more uniform consolidation on variating soil types.

FRONT TILLER: This front-end harrow has 2 rows of harrow tines with good clearance and up to 30 cm working depth.  The strong tines make the Front-Tiller especially efficient for soil loosening during preparation of the no-till seedbed.

FRONT BOARD: HE-VA Front Board is a front-press primarily for use in combination with drills that are operating at high speed.  With its two rows of spring board tines, it can effectively process the soil before the drill and the 2 large depth wheels are used to set the working depth.

View the brochure below for more information.



HE-VA Weeder and Weeder HD are user-friendly and solid weeders, that fulfil the need for mechanical weeding and grassland maintenance.

5 rows of double tines makes the Weeder especially suitable for row sowing where only the weed is removed and minimal tillage is required.  Weeder can also be used for successfully aerating grass.

Designed with 1,5 m. free-floating sections, both Weeders adapt perfectly to all landscapes. Each section has 5 rows of long and flexible double tines that are easily removed without tools and the tine angle is also easily adjusted using the handle on each section.

Weeder HD is equipped with bigger wheels that divide the pressure on the soil, thereby minimizing deep wheel tracks.  Weeder HD also offers four different tine combinations allowing flexibility depending on crop and soil type.

Available in 7 different sizes from 3m up to 15m, all with a transport width of 3m.

See the brochure below for more information.


Top Strigle

HE-VA Top-Strigle is a heavy framed weeder with large diameter tines that can be used both before and after harvest to divide stubble and straw leftovers and also to aerate heavily pugged grass paddocks after winter.

Top Strigle can be mounted either in front or behind of the tractor with working widths from 3 to 8m, and has either 2, 3 or 4 rows of tines. 

After harvest, the Top-Strigle spreads out the left-over straw and leaves it exposed to the sunlight. This way, the germination process will be accelerated, which creates optimum conditions for direct drilling.

Top-Strigle can also be fitted with a levelling board, or a multi seeder for direct drilling.

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