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HE-VA: Farm Machinery for the Agriculture of Tomorrow

Front Linkages, PTO's & Weights

HE-VA constantly develop and improve their farm machinery to perform to their maximum.

Focus on design and construction of new equipment, means that the field work that He-Va regularly invests in assists in the efficiency and improvement of their machinery, to maintain a leading edge competitiveness in both price and quality.

Ready for the future’s demands.

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Front Lifts

HE-VA offers a selection of Front Lifts for all tractor types with lifting capacities from 1500-5500 kg.


hp Range of Tractor

Max. Lift Capacity (kg)


30 – 80



40 – 120



70 – 130



100 – 200



150 +


View the full brochure for more detailed information.


Universal Lifts

HE-VA Universal and Multi-purpose Lifts are options for those who want something to fit applications outside current designs.  Available with capacities from 4000 – 5500kg.

Universal lifts are produced without adjusted side plates; they are designed to be installed on machinery or tractors that have no mounting front linkage available.

Multi-purpose lifts are designed with short side plates with universal bolt brackets enabling them to be installed onto different types of machines, for example tankers, and to tractors for which adapted side brackets are not available.


Front PTO's

Front-PTO is a high-quality product specifically adjusted to each tractor.

The design makes it possible to avoid intervention in the hydraulics of the tractor because the hydraulic pump is integrated in the gear box.

HE-VA Front-PTO is an independent unit and whenever possible, the tractor's own PTO-switch will be used.

The gear box has 1000 RPM/min and is able to transfer up to 200 hp.


Front Weights

Front-Weights come in 5 different models with capacities from 600 – 1500 kg and manufactured from concrete.

All Front-Weight models are three-point mounted.

Weight kg

Dimensions (H x W x L) mm


700 x 775 x 550


850 x 775 x 600


850 x 775 x 750


850 x 775 x 750


850 x 775 x 750


Front Weight Frames

HE-VA offers 2 types of Front Weight Frames; a 600 kg and a 2000 kg model.  Both models can be painted in the tractors colours and are delivered complete with movable support stand and pins.

600 KG FRONT WEIGHT FRAME – For direct mounting of the tractors own front weights and is adapted to the tractor.

2000 KG FRONT WEIGHT FRAME – For mounting of the tractor's basis weight and adapted to the tractor model.  For tractors without a removable basis weight, the frame is adapted for direct mounting of the tractor's front weights.

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    Used Machinery

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