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German agricultural machinery innovators Lemken have a proud history dating back to 1780. 

Their cultivation and drilling equipment is instantly recognisable by its distinctive blue colour, and moreover by the way it works in the field.

Lemken focus on superior quality of materials and production, ensuring machinery is robust enough to withstand extremely demanding conditions.

Lemken’s range is both diverse and visionary, and is designed to deliver smart solutions for the agricultural challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Mechanical Seed Drills

Saphir double disc coulter drill offers medium-sized operations a reliable, versatile, and efficient drill designed to meet any conditions of operation.   

Whether hydraulically mounted or with 3-point coupling as a Saphir AutoLoad, the Saphir is short and compact, and will perform outstandingly for both mulch seeding and in conventional cultivation.

The double discs coulters are offset to each other to avoid blockages and irrespective of forward speed, the coulter depth remains constant with assistance from the rubber-tyred depth wheel.  This feature combined with a large tank volume (650 – 1050L) guarantees higher area capacity and uniform crops.

Saphir 7 is equipped with a mechanical seed drive and the seed metering units are driven by a land-wheel, through a shaft drive. Seed rate is adjusted via a continuously variable oil bath gearbox.  The Easytronic on-board computer checks and monitors the seeding process, and provides data such as hectare meter and tramline function.

On the Saphir 8, the speed is electronically measured, and the sowing shaft electrically driven. This enables the most varied types of seed to be reliably and accurately metered.  The electronic motor and job computer are operated easily from the tractor seat using the Solitronic terminal. Seed rate can be adjusted from the cab whilst moving across the paddock. 

Available in working widths of 2.5 – 4m and row distance options of 125 or 150mm.  View the full information brief in the brochure below.


Pneumatic Seed Drills

LEMKEN Solitair pneumatic seed drills provide the solution for efficient combination implement use when seeding.  Depending on the model, Solitair can be trailed, mounted or semi-mounted.  Working widths of 3 to 12 metres provide the requirements for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms. In addition to combinations, it is also possible to use the Solitair 8 and 9 pneumatic seed drills on their own.

Solitair fulfils all the requirements for working without clogging and with precise seed placement. The depth control wheels of the double disc coulters ensure precise seeding depth and uniform covering of the seed.

Solitair 8 is designed for medium-sized farms; a pneumatic seed drill with a mechanical seeding shaft drive and hydraulic fan drive. Available in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4m and with a hopper size of up to 1850L, it is an affordable entry into mounted rigid pneumatic seed drill technology.  Solitair 8 is controlled and monitored with the Easytronic system and can be combined with powered and non-powered tillage implements making it extremely versatile.

Solitair 9 is available in mounted rigid or hydraulic-folding, or as a semi-mounted folding version.  Controlled by the Solitronic system, sowing rates can be set precisely from 0.5 – 300kg/ha over a working width range of 3 – 6m.  Solitair can be combined with the Zirkon power harrow, Kristall cultivator, Heliodor and Rubin disc harrows and the System Kompaktor seedbed combination.

The trailed, folding Solitair 12 has working widths of 8 – 12 m and like the Solitair 9 is controlled and monitored by the Solitronic system. The seed hopper has a huge volume of 5,800L and the coulter bar is hydraulically balanced to ensure excellent ground adaptation even on undulating terrain.

LEMKEN’s Solitair 25 KA pneumatic seed drill has been developed to work in a wide variety of conditions and with a range of different tillage and drilling implements for maximum utilisation.  Depending on the previous crop, crop rotation, weather and harvest conditions, having the ability to switch over from conventional to conservation tillage methods can also deliver significant cost savings.

The parallelogram-controlled double disc coulters with depth control roller place seeds precisely at the pre-set depth with both mulch sowing and conventional cultivation.

The metering and distribution concept of the Solitair 25 allows seed rates of 0.5 to 500 kg/ha to be reliably dispensed and can therefore also be used for metering fertiliser for single-seed drilling, for example when coupled with the Azurit 9 K precision drill.

The Solitair 25 KA can be combined with soil cultivation implements, for example, Heliodor, Rubin, Zirkon, Kristall or System Kompaktor from the LEMKEN product range to adapt to most operations.

Four options of working widths from 4 – 6m, (options of 27 – 48 rows) and a 3000L hopper volume means Solitair 25 provides the essential requirements for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms.


Seeding Combinations

Lemken’s fast, trailed, pneumatic seeding combinations offer all important sowing efficiency without compromising quality of reconsolidation or optimal placement of seed (or, optionally, fertiliser).

See the details below for each available combination:

Compact-Solitair 9 H – Equipped with Heliodor compact disc harrow.  Rigid and trailed, available in 3 or 4m working width.

Compact-Solitair 9 K H – Equipped with Heliodor compact disc harrow.  Trailed, folding, with a 6m working width.

Compact-Solitair 9 HD – Equipped with Heliodor compact disc harrow and a divided hopper to enable simultaneous precise placement of seed and fertiliser.  Rigid and trailed with a 4m working width. 

Compact-Solitair 9 K HD – Equipped with Heliodor compact disc harrow and a divided hopper to enable simultaneous precise placement of seed and fertiliser.  Trailed, folding, with a 6m working width.

Compact-Solitair 9 Z – Equipped with Zirkon power harrow.  Rigid and trailed, available in a 3 or 4m working width.

Compact-Solitair 9 K K – Equipped with Zirkon power harrow.  Trailed, folding, with a 6m working width.


Precision Drilling

Azurit 10 high speed precision drill utilises Lemken’s innovative DeltaRow seed placement technology.  DeltaRow provides each plant an extra 70% of surface area, improving access to light, air, and nutrients for increased yields.

The perforated discs, which are symmetrically offset, ensure precise seed placement in a triangular arrangement, under which a central band of fertiliser can be placed. Fertiliser is deposited underneath seed rows by a double disc coulter with 200kg of downward pressure.  Once seeds have been ejected from the seeding shaft, they are fixed exactly at the desired place on the seeding layer by capture rollers. Two V rollers with easily adjustable grade and pressure then cover the seeds with soil.  The easily accessible, central 600L seed hopper automatically feeds the planter units. 

In addition to this innovative technology, the Azurit also offers flexible combination options: it can be used directly via a 3-point linkage in combination with a front hopper or as a trailed implement together with the Solitair 25 KA or Compact-Solitair 9. There is a suitable implement concept for any conditions.

Improvements on the Azurit 10 from the previous models include:

  • automatic seed singling for maize with a system that monitors and adjusts the quality of seed singling. This system can be retrofitted to older machines.
  • A new fertiliser monitoring system in the Azurit 10 automatically alerts the operator if individual fertiliser coulters become blocked.  

LEMKEN also offers yet another advantage for the Azurit 10 with the MicroHub 5, a spreader unit which allows microgranule to be applied in the direct vicinity of seeds. Microgranules contain water-soluble nutrients, which are rapidly available to plants and therefore generally produce excellent juvenile crop development.

Azurit 10 is available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 rows (up to 6m working width) and varying row spacings.


DeltaRow Technology

Benefits of DeltaRow technology include:

• DeltaRows offer 70% more surface area and therefore more water, nutrients and light for each plant
• Optimal utilisation of under-root fertiliser
• Rapid soil cover during juvenile development
• Plant spacing helps prevent erosion
• Greater weed suppression capacity in juvenile development
• Better root growth and biomass development
• Tramline widths of up to 87.5cm can be established without needing to reduce the number of seeds per hectare. With this advantage for the plant, a higher yield can be achieved with the same crop density.

This is what innovative precision seeding with the LEMKEN Azurit with DeltaRow concept makes possible. Improved plant distribution on the field ensures better utilisation of resources and therefore leads to higher yields.


Front Hopper, Coulter Bar & Seed Trailers

Solitair 23+ is an injector Front Hopper that allows seeds or fertiliser of up to 750kg/ha to be easily metered.  When combined with the Azurit precision drill Solitair supports under-root fertilisation.  It can also be used in conjunction with a power harrow and the mounted coulter bar Optidisc 25.

Due to the advanced metering system, the Solitair 23+ has a large 1900L volume tank, despite having a low overall height. Four metering units ensure the precise supply of seeds or fertiliser with optional 2 and 4 sectional shutoff.

The OptiDisc 25 solo Coulter Bar (4 or 4.5m working width) can be combined with the Solitair 23 Front Hopper and a power harrow to form a compact drilling combation.  The parallelogram-guided double disc coulter and depth control roller places the seed exactly at the desired preset depth. 

The coulter system is available in a hydraulic (pressure up to 70kg) and mechanical (pressure up to 45kg) variant.  Coulter pressure and seeding depth can be adjusted independently.  As a result, the Optidisc coulters consistently and precisely deposit seeds at constant depths, even at high forward speeds and with changing soil conditions.

Solitair 12 SW is a Seed Trailer designed for holding fertiliser when working with the Azurit single-seed drill on large farms, adding yet another combination the Azurit range that is especially useful for large areas.

The precision seed drill is coupled directly to the hopper via a standard three-point coupling, without a leading soil cultivation implement.  A powerful electric motor drives and controls two seeding shafts, each with four cellular rotors. These shafts dispense fertiliser at precisely the set rate to the Azurit fertiliser coulters, even at high forward speeds.  The hydraulically driven fan provides a constant flow of air, which carries fertiliser evenly to the outermost seed rows.

Solitair 12 SW has an impressive 5800L capacity and features ISOBUS technology as standard. 


Catch Crop Seeder

LEMKEN’s SeedHub 5 seed drill can be combined with various tillage implements to allow catch crops to be sown during stubble cultivation to save working time and costs. 

SeedHub is equipped with a blower fan (electric or hydraulic depending of tank size) and baffle plates for accurate sowing, even in strong winds.  Seeding rate can be adjusted electronically, and fan speed monitored from the tractor cab.

Calibration is performed simply by the calibration button on the hopper and two dosing shafts provide consistent seeding rates.

SeedHub 5 is available with tank volumes of 200 or 500L.

LEMKEN Video Gallery

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