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Mzuri: Innovative Machinery


Designed and built in Great Britain, and tested by farmers, the Mzuri range of conservation tillage equipment has been specifically designed to provide a solution to today’s farming challenge of balancing short-term farm profitability against securing a sustainable farming future.

The Mzuri system restores and rejuvenates soil condition and crop health – and does so without compromising on yields.  EuroAgri are the exclusive New Zealand dealers of Mzuri and offer the complete range of Pro-Til single pass drills, the Rehab low disturbance subsoiler and the Rezult straw rake.

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The Rehab is a specially designed low surface disturbance subsoiler – it increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

The winged points provide maximum soil shatter combined with a deep cutting disc to ensure minimum surface disturbance and better moisture retention. By loosening further down the soil profile, water infiltration is improved and vigorous growth is encouraged by deep rooting of the plant. The soil is better aerated and warms rapidly in the spring.

The Rehab encourages a friable surface with the entire previous crop residue remaining on the surface to avoid locking up large amounts of valuable nitrogen.



The REZULT straw rake marks a major advance in straw and stale seedbed management, and is the ideal tool to control black-grass, cut slug activity and accelerate straw decomposition.

The Rezult features a five-row tine harrow, with the option to fit a set of leading discs in front of them. These discs chop straw and trash, and mix it with the surface tilth; the tines are then able to spread the mix over the full working width.

The Mzuri heavy duty, virtually unbreakable, extra long 28” tines are much stiffer than regular tines, and offer high frequency vibration to enhance the shatter action.

The leading discs generate sufficient amounts of tilth, making the Rezult an ideal tool for seed and chemical incorporation.

Mzuri Video Gallery

Click to view Mzuri's Rehab and Rezult in action:

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