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Lemken: The Agrovision Company


German agricultural machinery innovators Lemken have a proud history dating back to 1780. 

Their cultivation and drilling equipment is instantly recognisable by its distinctive blue colour, and moreover by the way it works in the field.

Lemken focus on superior quality of materials and production, ensuring machinery is robust enough to withstand extremely demanding conditions.

Lemken’s range is both diverse and visionary, and is designed to deliver smart solutions for the agricultural challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Mounted Ploughs

JUWEL mounted reversible ploughs combine reliability of use and high work quality. 

Available with options of 90, 100 or 120 cm body spacing, 90 – 385 cm working widths and 3-7 furrows.  The Juwel range also features easily adjustable working depth and angle and improved skimmers to ensure blockage free ploughing.

The extensive choice of options in the Juwel range can include ISOBUS controls, hydraulic reversing, and overload protection systems.


Both EurOpal and VariOpal mounted ploughs have numerous options for interbody and underframe clearance and infinitely variable adjustment of working width.

Both ploughs also feature a shear-bolt system as standard equipment. For stony ground, they can be equipped with the mechanical Tandem or hydraulic HydriX auto-reset systems.

EurOpal has options of 2-7 furrows with working widths of 60-315cm.  This plough has excellent stability and low weight.  This makes EurOpal simple to tow and economical to use.

VariOpal features hydraulic working width adjustment as standard and has options of 2-6 furrows and working widths of 44-360cm.  A double-action hydraulic cylinder enables all working widths from 22 to 60 cm to be set for each body from the tractor seat. An ideal solution is therefore available, whatever the tillage requirements.


Semi Mounted Ploughs

Plough specialists LEMKEN’s Diamant 16 is the new generation, efficient, higher comfort version of its popular predecessor, the Diamant 11.

Fuel consumption savings are improved with the Diamant 16 by the implementation of the award winning OptiLine adjustment system.  This system eliminates lateral pull to increase efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 10%.  A traction booster for enhanced system pressure and greater transfer of weights onto the rear axle resulting in improved traction further improves fuel savings.

Ease of operation and reliability are also key in the new design; continuously adjustable hydraulic working depth adjustment can be completed from the tractor cab while the DuraMaxx generation of plough bodies delivers a longer service life, less clogging and lower traction requirements, resulting in cost savings when using the plough.

This plough has improved manoeuvrability for rapid turning on narrow headlands and maximum area performance and can be quickly and easily converted to in-furrow ploughing if required.

Available in four different working widths (range of 33-60cm WW per furrow) and with options of between 5-9 furrows, view the brochure for more detailed information.

EuroTitan & VariTitan ploughs have been developed for use with some of the largest tractors on the market. 

EuroTitan has 4 different furrow widths to choose from between 30-50cm.  Total available working widths are between 297-600cm (9-12 furrows).  A bolted frame and high strength steel make for a plough that will excel with very high continuous loads.

EuroTitan is designed to provide a steering angle of up to 90 degees with tractors up to 4m wide.  This creates improved manoeuvrability at headlands.  On-land and in-furrow ploughing are also easily alternated.

VariTitan has a stepless easy-to-operate working width adjustment via a double acting hydraulic cylinder for both the front and rear of the plough.  Total available working widths of 270-660cm (9-12 furrows) for maximum area execution. 

The turning and lifting functions are controlled via the electric turning controls to allow the plough to be maneuvered safely and turned quickly.  The working depth can be easily and finely adjusted both on the carriage and the rear support wheel without tools by repositioning pins. This ensures the even, precise adjustment of the working depth.

The rear section of Titan ploughs can move vertically and horizontally. This keeps the plough consistently at the desired working depth even in difficult conditions, without additional adjustments needing to be made.

In difficult conditions, both Titan ploughs can also be operated with the front plough only without requiring adjustments.  In this case, the rear plough section remains lifted. The plough can also be turned in this position.

For tractors without three-point hydraulics, a coupling carriage is available.


Furrow Presses & Rollers

Lemken Furrow Presses provide the solution to minimise time between loosening and subsequent reconsolidation of the soil.  The benefits of retaining soil moisture, improved germination, and fuel savings are without doubt.

FixPack remains connected to the plough at all times and can be used with 3, 4 and 5 furrow mounted reversible ploughs with a working width of up to 2.5m. FixPack is available with two options of reconsolidation rings and has adjustable pressure to suit soil conditions.

FlexPack is the solution for an integrated furrow press with an adjustable working width for mounted ploughs.  Consolidation pressure can be hydraulically adjusted, and the position of the FlexPack frame ensures strips of land are never double pressed providing uniform reconsolidation of the soil.

VarioPack can be trailed or used as a front furrow press.  With choices of single or double rows, 700 or 900mm ring diameter, VarioPack has the right solution for all conditions.  Working width is adjusted by simply adding or removing rings; total number of rings can be as few as 5 or up to 44 on a double row press, creating a implement that is appealing to all scale of operators.

Rollers are required to crumble, reconsolidate, and level varying conditions and types of soil, which is why LEMKEN offer an extensive range to suit every need. 

View the brochure for more information on Rollers and Furrow Presses.


Power Harrows

Zirkon power harrows provide the optimum conditions for germination to take place by creating even distribution, levelling, consistent working depth and longterm structural stability of the soil. 

To ensure prime seedbed preparation Zirkon power harrows can be perfectly adjusted to requirements and will prepare soil down to a working depth of approximately 15cm.

In combination with other machines many work processes can also be completed more quickly and economically. They are suitable for very high continuous loads both in conventional and in conservation cultivation procedures and can be used both in a rear and front-mounted position. The Zirkon power harrows are available in different working widths and designs:

Zirkon 8 is a mounted, entry-level model in working widths from 2.5 – 4 m non-folding format, designed for tractors with 60-175HP.  Zirkon 8 is suitable for front mounting and rear mounting and can be easily combined with LEMKEN Saphir and Solitair drills or an optional attachment for other seed drills is available on request.

Zirkon 12 is a high-performance mounted, rigid power harrow with a 3 or 4 m working width.  Intensity of cultivation can be precisely controlled via the forward travel speed, the PTO speed and the rotary harrow gearbox.

Zirkon 12 K has working widths from 4 – 6 m, the mounted power harrow can also be hydraulically folded to a transport width of 3 metres even in combination with the Solitair 9 K seed drill.

Zirkon 12 KA is a semi-mounted power harrow in working widths from 4 – 6 m. When combined with the pneumatic Solitair seed drill from LEMKEN, is a powerful combination for demanding arable farming.

View the full brochure for more detail.


Combination Equipment

With Korund, LEMKEN offers an implement with versatile equipment options and range of working widths that will fulfil all requirements associated with perfect seedbed preparation.

Korund provides excellent levelling, loosening and crumbling of the soil, and parallel linkage of the implement sections provides good contour following and uniform working depth.

Three choices of tines are available in suitable configurations and shares are reversible to reduce costs for wearing parts.  The robust double crumbler rollers are available in toothed or tubular designs. The roller arrangement and suspension ensure consistent pressure distribution to achieve optimal tilling and lifting. 

Korund has a range of working widths from 3 – 9m, with options available for tractors from 65 – 245 HP.  All Korund machines hydraulically fold (if required) down to a 3m transport width.   

LEMKEN’s System-Kompaktor is the ideal implement for preparing a finely tilled, uniform depth, well reconsolidated seedbed in a single pass. This creates ideal conditions for an even pre-emergence of, in particular, fine seeds.  The semi-mounted, 5 m and 6 m, System-Kompaktor can be combined with the Solitair pneumatic seed drill from LEMKEN.

System-Kompaktor is available with numerous combination options. Next to the various tine sections, cage tilling rollers or flat bar tilling rollers can be combined with various following rollers. This effectively means that the System Kompaktor is an implement suitable for use in almost any soil conditions.

System-Kompaktor is available in working widths of 3 – 12m with mounted or semi-mounted possibilities.  For particularly large area capacities, LEMKEN offers the Gigant 10 and Gigant 12 system carrier with working widths between 8 and 12 m.


Compact Disc Harrows

Compact disc harrow Heliodor is utilised for both stubble cultivation, and seedbed preparation, using conventional and conservation cultivation methods.    

With a minimal power requirement and a high operating speed, a uniformly loosened and levelled seedbed is efficiently prepared.

Heliodor’s open frame design works evenly and without blockage even in rocky soils, and a vast variety of rollers are available for depth control and reconsolidation. Two rows of discs mounted to leaf springs provide a uniform cultivation depth, while allowing individual discs to ride over debris if required.

Available in mounted or semi-mounted, Heliodor is available in working widths from 2 – 7m.  Widths of up to 16m can be achieved with the use of the Gigant system carrier.  In addition, when select sizes are combined with the Solitair pneumatic seed drill, a fast and efficient tilling combination is presented.

LEMKEN’s Rubin 10 compact disc harrow provides shallow, intensive, and uniform mixing of soil and organic matter at high working speeds.  

The robust 645mm diam. serrated concave discs are symmetrically arranged to provide accurate directional stability with no lateral pull, and thus reduce both overlap and fuel consumption.  The patented design of the 3 offset central discs ensures that they will work without blockages and provide for an even tillage across the full working width of the machine.

Rubin 10 is available in rigid, folding, or semi-mounted versions with available working widths over the range of 2.5 – 7m.  Folding models feature a hydraulic working depth adjustment, while semi-mounted models can be equipped with depth control wheels.  Working depth adjustment in rigid versions is either hydraulically adjusted or set via a series of holes.  The attachment of each disc via pre-tensioned spring elements ensure working depth (of up to 14cm) is accurately maintained no matter the method of depth adjustment.

LEMKEN’s Rubin 12 compact disc harrow is an implement that can operate at the same 20cm working depth as a cultivator making it suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even in very heavy soil conditions.

With its specially arranged large concave discs (736mm diam.), Rubin 12 is designed particularly for the incorporation of large amounts of crop residues. Various rollers from the wide range of LEMKEN rollers offer optimal crumbling, reconsolidation, and levelling, as well as precise depth control for different soil and working conditions.

The symmetrical arrangement of each row of serrated concave discs enables working without lateral pull, even at high driving speeds.  As with the Rubin 10, the middle discs are offset ensuring no clogging occurs and provides for an even tillage across the full working width of the machine.  An impact harrow behind the first row of discs produces intensive mixing and crumbling, while a levelling harrow behind the second row distributes and levels the soil optimally.

Rubin 12 is available in Rigid or Semi-Mounted, Folding versions with available working widths from 3 – 7m. Depth control is available hydraulically for all working widths and the rigid models (3 – 4m working widths) also have an option to control depth via a series of holes. The 5, 6 and 7m models are equipped with following rollers with pendulum suspension.



LEMKEN’s Karat 9 intensive cultivator is suitable for both shallow and deep cultivation (5-30cm).  For example, all over stubble cultivation after combining, deep, intensive mixing to incorporate material at a later date, or for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

Karat 9’s symmetrical tine arrangement effectively prevents lateral pull during work. Thanks to the variety of share designs available, the intensity of cultivation can be optimally adapted to individual conditions and requirements.  Concave discs behind the tines mix straw and soil and ensure that surfaces are level.  A trailing roller produces excellent soil reconsolidation to the required degree.

Available in a range of working widths from 3 – 7m, Karat 9 comes in rigid or folding mounted versions with an easily accessible depth control.  On the semi-mounted, folding design depth adjustment is hydraulic.  All variants are available with shear bolt stone protection or automatic overload protection.  The optional Contour Track automatic working depth adjustment ensures that the set working depth is consistently maintained even in hilly terrain.

The Kristall compact cultivator, can be used for both shallow and medium depth work in several stages.  It combines the advantages of a twin-beam implement with the strengths of a triple- or multi-beam cultivator and is designed for optimal quality of work in stubble cultivation.  The two-row Kristall is shorter and more compact than multi-row cultivators which allows better depth control.

The shape of the 47 cm wide TriMix shares with curved guide plates at the wing shares produces highly intense mixing results.  The tines and concave discs, for levelling, are arranged in such a way that the flow of soil comes to rest before the next tool.  As a result, the Kristall always operates uniformly across its working width, without blockages.  A wide range of rollers provides optimal crumbling, reconsolidation and levelling in different soil conditions.

Due to its low lifting power requirement, the implement can be attached via a three-point linkage up to a working width of 6 metres.  Semi-mounted versions can be combined with LEMKEN’s combination trailer and thus coupled with the Solitair pneumatic seed drill.

Kristall is available in fully mounted and semi-mounted versions from three to six metres working width. Standard Kristalls have shear-bolt protection, with ‘U’ models benefitting from autoreset.  The working depth of the Kristall cultivator can be adjusted without tools and in small increments from 5 to 25 cm.


Front Mounted & Pre-Cultivators

Topas pre-cultivator is a versatile (front or rear mounted) all-rounder with a working width of 2.5 – 4m that suits a wide range of needs.

Interchangeable wing shares are valuable in no-till cultivation systems and shallow-cultivation shares for deeper loosening without mixing when rear mounted.

The symmetrical positioning of the tines on the frame ensures good implement control, while tine distance is adjustable to suit the trailing implement. The outer tines are infinitely adjustable.  Multi-adjustable depth wheels ensure an exact depth control.


Dolomit pre-loosener loosens the soil, especially important when using cultivation methods without ploughs.  The single-unit, 60 cm wide wing shares with hard-faced share points loosen the soil across the full working width of the implement.

Working depth can be set (5 – 35cm) independently of following equipment, for example, a rotary harrow/seed drill combination.  This allows mulch seeding to be performed in a single pass.

Depending on the working width, Dolomit is equipped with 4 tines (3m) or 6 tines (4m). This ensures that the soil is always loosened over the whole width


Labrador subsoiler is ideal for targeted loosening of tramlines and compacted soil layers.

A simple frame with a 160 mm square profile ensures high stability and a long service life. The hard-faced chisel shares, like the stalk guard, are reversible and consequently provide longer use.

The flat gradual shape of the chisel makes the Labrador particularly easy to pull. It also ensures that the soil breaks up towards the front and upwards. A 3rd chisel is available as an accessory for other loosening measures.  Infinitely variable adjustment of the chisels on the frame provide a working width from 100 – 225 cm.


Combination Carrier

The two system carriers, Gigant 10 and Gigant 12, designed for high horsepower tractors, offer the unique possibility to use different LEMKEN implements with a single carriage efficiently in the field.

Both system carriers have two hydraulic three-point linkages for mounting a Heliodor or Rubin compact disc harrow, or the System Kompaktor seedbed combination, depending on the work to be done. This versatility saves on investment costs for the chassis, brake system and hydraulic implement folding. The individual working sections can additionally be used without the system carrier with smaller standard tractors.

The two three-point linkages and individual working units result in excellent ground adaptation and thus consistent working depth and lower fuel consumption.  The cultivated area remains free of wheel tracks because the wheels of the Gigant run in front of the working sections,

The Gigant 10 allows any combination of implements to be easily and safely transported on public roads within a width of 3 m.  Gigant 12 provides a transport width of 3.5-4 m (dependent on tyre configuration).

LEMKEN Video Gallery

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