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HE-VA: Farm Machinery for the Agriculture of Tomorrow

Fine Seed Equipment

Accurate seeding of all types of Seeds and Fertiliser with HE-VA Fine Seed Equipment.

HE-VA constantly develop and improve their farm machinery to perform to their maximum. 

Focus on design and construction of new machines, means that the field work that He-Va regularly invests in assists in the efficiency and improvement of their machinery, to maintain a leading edge competitiveness in both price and quality.

Ready for the future’s demands.

To find out more call us on 03 307 7445 today to view machines operating in the field. View the full HE-VA range HERE


Multi Seeder

HE-VA Multi Seeder is a pneumatic fine seeder which provides accurate seeding of all types of seed and fertiliser.

Multi seeder quickly and easily mounts on nearly all types of implements, regardless of make; such as rollers, seed drills, stubble equipment, subsoilers and weeders. 

With 3 available hopper sizes (200, 410 and 660L), very precise seed calibrations are ensured via a wide range of dosage rolls, meaning seed rate can be adjusted between 0.2kg/ha and 150kg/ha.

Multi-Seeder is available with implement-mounted radar for speed control and with electric seed roller drive as well, which means that the dosage is automatically adjusted to fit the speed.

The seed rate is set by the Auto-Controller and can be adjusted by the control box in optional steps. Auto-Controller also has surveillance and alarm functions for fan operation and low seed hopper and a prestart function for seeding in the corners of the field.

 Models Multi Seeder FZ and Multi Seeder Twin are also available.  View the full brochure for more information.


Front Tank

HE-VA Front Tank is a robust front mounted tank able to contain seed or fertiliser to be delivered to the seeding equipment following the tractor.

Available in either 1100 or 2000L capacities, seed or fertiliser rate can be either manually or electronically controlled.

Front Tank provides flexibility for the operator due to the ability to spread the total equipment weight over the front and rear of the equipment.

Front Tank is delivered with tarpaulin, window and tank light, working light as well as a 5 m. firm and a 10 m. flexible tube for mounting on the tractor.

View the Front Tank brochure for more detail.


Universal Spreader

HE-VA Universal Spreader is used to spread grass seed, rape seed, mustard seed, oil radish as well as micro fertiliser and snail poison.

The unique frame construction is easily and quickly mounted onto different types of farm machines like harrows and tractors.

The 90L spreader comes in 3 different models:

Max Throw – This model always uses its maximum number of rotations and can contain 90 litres. Max-Throw has an electric-operated open/close function and the amount of seed is adjusted on the hopper gate.

Vario Power –Variable spreading widths are now available by simply turning on the spreading disc. Electric operated open/close function and adjustment of the seed rate is possible on the hopper gate.

Vario Exact – Provides a very precise dosing especially for small dosages and working widths.  In addition, this model offers variable spread widths by turning on the spreading disc. The Exact Steer computer is able to be mounted, which ensures that the seed dosage variates with the driving speed – all controlled by the sensor placed on e.g. the tractor wheel.

View the brochure for more information.

HE-VA Video Gallery

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