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Ag Leader: A Tradition of Serving Farmers

Precision Farming

American precision agriculture specialist Ag Leader began over 25 years ago by an engineer with a dream of making farmers’ lives better.

That dream led him to inventing the first commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor. Since then, Ag Leader has been producing high-quality, innovative precision agriculture tools that improve decision making, efficiency and solve agronomic challenges around the globe.

At Ag Leader, addressing the wants and needs of farmers is priority number one.

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Ag Leader

Farm Management

Ag Leader has a display console to meet the needs of every farmer or contractor: Choose from InCommand 1200, InCommand 800 or Compass.

InCommand 1200 is the most feature-laden in the trio of available consoles.  InCommand 1200 provides the operator with the ability to share maps, information and more with other InCommand displays in your operation for every event from planting through to harvest.  The console is ISOBUS compatible/Universal and the large display (30.5cm) provides the operator with excellent visibility and split screen to maximise information availability.  

InCommand 800 (21cm display) is a diverse unit; either serving as a second display in combination with InCommand 1200, or it can also be used as a display on its own merit for operations that don’t require all the features of InCommand 1200.

The InCommand 800 display features the all-important year-round precision tools: guidance control, planting control and yield monitoring all with tablet-like interaction and ISOBUS/Universal functionality.

Both InCommand 1200 and 800 will sync data wirelessly with your SMS system using the AgFiniti mobile app.

Compass is a simple and affordable display that supports both SteerCommand and OnTrac3.  Like the InCommand consoles, Compass is Universal and compatible with ISOBUS. Compass allows recording of paddock edges, obstacles, and tramlines all in real time from the cab.  The 17.7cm user friendly touchscreen allows for minimal setup time, meaning the operator simply creates a new event and goes. 

View the Display Comparison chart for more detailed information on the three available consoles.

With AgFiniti, your entire operation is accessible anywhere, anytime you need it.  AgFiniti is the ultimate file transfer, analysis and sharing tool, taking data from your in cab InCommand console and automatically syncing it with SMS software for further analysis.  AgFiniti not only transfers the data from your cab, it enables the operator to produce yield reports, generate paddock prescriptions and access InCommand displays in the same fleet for calibrating, troubleshooting, and equipment set up.  

Fleet management is simple with a live map across all connected displays allowing the overseer to see speed, direction, location, as well as season-specific stats such as planting population, application rate, yield, a grain counter and more.

Ag Leader’s industry-leading SMS (Spatial Management System) Software is an easy-to-use decision-making tool to help you capture the most out of every hectare. SMS is available in two tiers: both of which are designed to assist the operator by analysing all their captured data; and there-by informed management decisions can be made that will increase profit and compliance in all their field activity.

See the attached sheet comparing SMS Basic and SMS Advanced features.

Ag Leader

Guidance & Steering

Ag Leader has GPS receivers and steering technology for all operations, from entry level through to high accuracy guidance.

Ag Leader has three GPS RECEIVER SYSTEMS to choose from; GPS 6000, GPS 7500 and DualTrac. 

GPS 6000 is designed to operate with the Compass Display and is used for general mapping and AutoSwath functions.

GPS 7500 has up to 2.5cm accuracy to assist steering and therefore accuracy.

DualTrac is a high accuracy system.  When combined with SteerCommand, it is a system specifically targeted at operations that require ultra-low speed (down to 0.08km/h) ie planting or harvesting bedded crops.


OnTrac3 assisted steering improves pass to pass accuracy and has simple installation making for easy vehicle transfer (no need to hook into hydraulics) from any tractor, harvester, or application vehicle.

SteerCommand Z2 provides integrated hydraulic steering directly to vehicle CAN bus, or hydraulic valve for leading autosteer performance.

SteadySteer provides autosteer for vehicles without a hydraulic steering valve.  Simple integration and transferability are added bonuses.

View the attached pages for more in-depth information about Ag Leader Guidance and Steering systems.

Ag Leader


The SeedCommand system ensures that when it is time to drill or seed a paddock, you get it right. Each seed is placed at the right depth, spacing and density – best of all it is a system that can be retro-fitted to the drill you already have.

SureSpeed provides an aftermarket solution for various makes and models of box hopper and bulk fill planters to provide 99% singulation of seeds at speeds of up to 19km/hr ie. High accuracy at high speeds.

The no-tool low maintenance system has the lowest seed release point in the industry for consistent spacing at any speed.  

SureForce provides hydraulic downforce (up to 295kg) and uplift to overcome the challenges of heavy residue, soil type variability and compaction, to maintain consistent planting depth and therefore increase yield come harvest time.  Use your preference settings to maintain your gauge wheel contact and you can monitor, record, and control the down pressure needs of every individual row.

SureDrive electric drives are hyper-responsive and allow the operator to vary the seed population easily and effectively across an entire planter.  Whether variable rate or prescription based, SureDrive will automatically adjust meter speed on each row to keep a consistent seed population around turns and through paddock undulations.

Each SureDrive row also acts as an individual section shut-off, reducing overlap, wasted seed and lodged plants.  SureDrive will fit most meters and its robust construction is maintenance free.

View the attached pages and the video section for more information about the SeedCommand system.

Ag Leader

Additional Management Options

Ag Leader precision technology provides users with endless opportunities to improve their farming business. 

Alongside software, GPS and steering and SeedCommand, Ag Leader can also improve the profitability and sustainability of your liquid and granular applications with DirectCommand, assist in chaser bin accuracy with CartACE, provide Yield Monitoring and much, much more. 

View the latest Ag Leader catalogue below or call in to EuroAgri for a copy and some further information.

Ag Leader Video Gallery

Click to view Ag Leader Precision Equipment in action:

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