Househam Mounted Sprayers.

Spraycare have a range of tractor mounted sprayers to suit a wide variety of spraying application for the small cereal or grass land farmer. Starting with the Slimline Range in 1000 litre or 1200 litre polyethylene tank forms, this is a heavy duty chassis but designed to be slim and keep the wieght close to the rear of the tractor.

The Midget range is a fibreglass tank of 1000 litres, again a strong but light weight unit with boom sizes up to 18 meter.

The SE range offers the basic SE or the SE Independant. With tank sizes from 600 litre to 800 litres, these sprayers offer the perfect machine for the smaller agricultural user or horticultural, amenity or grass land use.

The Club range offers a lightweight 300 litre tank with many versatile options along with in cab electrics.