HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine seeder for machines with 3-12 m working width.


The precise seeding takes place via 8-16 distributor outlets depending on the working width. Multi-Seeder is available in 3 different models with 200 l seed hopper or 410 l seed hopper with wl. fan or hydr. fan. Spoked land wheel provides ground speed related drive and the seed rate can vary from 0.2 kg/ha to 150 kg/ha.

Very precise seed calibrations are ensured via a wide range of dosing rolls which are designed for many different products (please ask). The placement of the land wheel can easily be adapted to the machine concerned as the drive happens by means of a flexible drive cable. The seed hopper on the Multi-Seeder is watertight and easy to calibrate and to empty.

HE-VA offers a mounting set for Multi-Seeder for HE-VA seed drills, rollers, weeders, stubble equipment and sub-soiler programme.

As extra equipment Seed-Controller is available, which is an electronic dosing and working monitoring. This opens up the possibility to vary the seed rate infinitely from the tractor cab during operation together with warning functions as regards fan, air pressure on every hose and low fine seed level in the seed hopper

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