HE-VA Sub-Tiller

HE-VA Sub-Tiller is a heavy duty, deep action sub-soiler, constructed in a V-formation. The design of the V-formation helps to limit the power requirement of the machine, while the tine spacing is infinitely variable depending on the actual working task (only the central tine is fixed). This means that the Sub-Tiller can easily be set to the desired spacing’s, e.g. for tramline loosening with some tines removed, making the Sub-Tiller a very flexible sub-soiler.

HE-VA Sub-Tiller has the capability to work soil down to depths of 600 mm. The standard Heva tine point has a 200mm wide wing share, lifting and loosening the soil and removing compaction in the desired working depth. The design of the tine avoids bringing stones and unwanted clods to the surface. The durable point is mounted with one bolt resulting in an easy and quick replacement.

HE-VA Sub-Tiller mounted with HE-VA Multi-Seeder opens up the possibility of Till-Seeding. Till-Seeding creates the optimal growth conditions for rape or cover crops/green manure such as mustard or oil radish. When seeding together with soil loosening, plough pan or other structural damages are broken – meaning that the roots of the plants have free access to grow/develop into the deeper strata of soil.

Placement of fertilizer is also possible with a HE-VA Multi-Seeder FZ or with a HE-VA Front-Tank as well as a mounting set on the HE-VA Sub-Tiller. Fertilizer can now be placed down the back of the ligs in the sub-soiler track.

HE-VA Sub-Tiller is available in 7 different sizes: 2.5mtr, 3mtr, 3.5mtr, 4mtr rigid and 4mtr, 5mtr and 6mtr hydraulic folding, with a choice of either shear bolt release or hydraulic trip reset.