Bredal K Series Fertiliser Spreader

BREDAL’s K Series spreaders are trailing fertilizer spreaders, able to spread a variety of different products from 12 to 36 meters.

Drive on the standard models is from a simple but effective ground wheel giving accurate rate adjustments on the move. This system has proven to a reliable and low maintenance system and is easily adjusted to suit a number of different tyre options.

Featuring a single wide drive belt these spreaders are capable of shifting a huge variety of product types with ease and are available in either steel or stainless steel bins

Bredal's famous double overlap spread pattern is renowned for giving superb spread coverage by effectively covering the paddock twice, ensuring the most even product coverage possible.

There is also a comprehensive list of options such as weigh cells and GPS connectivity, giving you the ability to get the best machine possible to suit your individual needs

K series spreaders from Bredal are available from 2500 up to 17,000 liters

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