Mzuri – Innovative Machinery

Strip Tillage is a means of sustainable intensive farming that only involves the tillage of a targeted area, whilst leaving crop residue on the surface, retaining moisture, organic matter and vastly increasing worm activity and fertility.

The Mzuri PRO-TIL is a unique sub-surface tillage drill which provides the ideal soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.

The single pass cultivates both deep and shallow and then places the seed at a controlled depth. This ensures the seed is planted in close contact with the aerated, moist, fine crumb structured soil. By loosening lower down the soil profile, vigorous growth is encouraged by deep rooting of the plant.

The versatility of the Mzuri drills make them equally impressive following conventionally ploughed, tined press primary cultivators. The advantage is that all compaction from cultivation traffic is eradicated in one pass with the Mzuri PRO-TIL.