Directors visit Denmark – home of He-Va and Bredal

Directors visit Denmark – home of He-Va and Bredal

Early December 2010, saw James McCloy and Jo Foster – director's of EuroAgri, head off to Denmark – home of the Bredal and He-Va brand. They visited both the He-Va and Bredal manufacturing facilities – both very impressive factories using the latest technology.

One of the many highlights of the visit, was the three day agricultural trade fair at Agromek – northern Europe's largest agricultural trade fair, which is held every two years. James and Jo were amazed at the size of the show, which attracted over 37,ooo farmers, contractors and dealers that wondered through the 13 halls filled with machinery from Denmark and the UK. Both He-Va and Bredal were also present at the show. He-Va launched three new tillers at Agromek: the Euro-Tiller, the Front-Tiller and the Triple-Tiller – the Triple-Tiller taking the 2010 Agromek new product award.

James and Jo also braved the cold weather visiting many Danish contractors, and among others, a 500ha pig, mink and cereal farm. Mink farming is the third largest animal farming industry in Denmark, after pork and dairy. The mink farming produces almost 40% of the world's production – and this generates more than NZ$700million a year in exports. Because Denmark experiences thick snow for many months of the year with temperatures ranging from -8º to -13º temperatures, the animals are housed indoors for many months of the year.

A wonderful time was had by James and Jo – Bredal and He-Va were fantastic hosts making them feel right at home in their two week visit.

James McCloy with Bredal Owner and Managing Director Anders Buhl (left)

James with the Retail Export Manager of He-Va – featuring the Triple-Tiller that won the Agromek 2010 best new product